This section allows freshmen and returning student to register their courses. They can also register for accommodations. Please note that level 100 and 200 students are the only students eligible to apply.


School of pre-degree studies offer series of one year program which is aimed at training students who could not gain admission into the degree programme.


The University Consultancy offers series of two year diploma programs which is aimed at preparing students for degree programme.


The undergraduate programs are series of four-five year programs which is aimed at training students to solve real-life problems in their respective fields.

Post Graduate

The School of Post Graduate Studies provide a range of Masters and PhD programs in fields of science, social science and management, and arts.

 To get accustomed to the university's system, below are some links you may find very important.

SAD  Student Affairs

Find information on all student related activities: Clubs, Associations, Accommodation, ID Card, Clearance form, etc.

globe  General Studies

General Studies Programme (GSP) is aimed at helping students acquire relevant knowledge outside their respective fields.

 cal1 Calendar

Here you will find Yobe State University's academic calendar for the session.

 siwes1 Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

The SIWES is a skills training programme designed to expose and prepare students for Industrial Work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.



The university has a clinic to care for sick students, staff or the university community at large.

lib small1  Library

Use our e-Library (while in the university intranet) to get access variety of journals, book and conference proceedings.